Earn Money With Your Rush Card


The PrePaid Rush Card

Has a refer-a-friend program…

Although this WiFi Hustle will not make you rich, it will definitely provide you with some extra funds for FREE!

The process is very simple but for US residents only:



Follow all steps below and you could earn $30 over and over until you reach the $600 per card limit

(Please understand that the $600 limit is per card AND NOT per household… meaning you can also get a card for your spouse, parents, grandparents, etc.)


  1. Click here to apply but remember you MUST follow all steps to earn
  2. Use referral code: CANDICESHARP1
  3. When you receive card in the mail, you will need to activate it
  4. Load card with $20 (this is still your $20 to use on your card!)
  5. Once you load your card, the refer-a-friend program will AUTOMATICALLY deposit $30 to BOTH of our PrePaid cards
  6. Call Rush Card for your referral code then give these instructions to others to receive $30 each time they load $20 until you reach the $600 limit per card!!!


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