My LaLa Leggings

My Lala Leggings

I love leggings!

Being a work from home mama who runs behind a 2 year old all day, I need comfy and affordable cloths in my wardrobe.

Yes, I am aware that many stores carry soft, affordable and quality leggings all day long BUT I won’t get paid for telling someone to go buy a pair of leggings from the local clothing store. And I most of the time enjoy shopping online as oppose to taking 3 kids to the store… so not only do I faithfully shop at My LaLa Leggings but I also became an affiliate!

With My LaLa Leggings, it’s not just about the fact that I get paid… (Although it is nice!)

The most exciting part is that I can help other mamas create an income by simply sharing where I get my leggings from.

The leggings have a soft, buttery feel to them and I also love the prints. Leggings are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down and worn all year-round which is awesome for my work at home lifestyle!

The price is around $18 per adult pair and did I mention FREE shipping!

The leggings come in several sizes, so there are choices for everybody, even kids!


  • OS – sizes 2-14
  • Curvy – sizes 14-20
  • Extra Curvy – sizes 20-26


Joining My LaLa Leggings

To join as an affiliate, there are several membership options to get you started:


  • $10 – Affiliate membership only
  • $18.99 – Affiliate + one pair of leggings
  • $27.99 – Affiliate + two pair of leggings
  • $109.99 – Affiliate + 10 pair of leggings


As an affiliate, you get:


  • A personal affiliate link you can use to refer sales and other potential affiliates to
  • a 25% discount off of any items you personally purchase
  • a 25% commission off of any items purchased through your affiliate link
  • up to 40% bulk purchase discount
  • If you refer others to join as an affiliate, you get $5 for each person you sign up
  • You also get 5% commission on any of your 1st line team sales

In my personal opinion,

Not only do My La La Leggings offer great quality products with fast shipping…

But this is also a very affordable side business that any mama can jump into and the sharing part will come naturally!

Quick example:

Become a product of the product…

Meaning wear your stylish leggings and someone, somewhere will ask you where you got them from!

Whether its the airport, grocery store, park, gym, school event, library, or even on social media… Not only will you be sharing where you got your leggings BUT you can also share how they can create an additional stream of income whether it’s full or part-time!

And sharing an inexpensive opportunity that will help out another mama is the Best Feeling Ever!

No quotas to reach or compensation plan hoops to jump through. Sell as much or as little as you want. Keep stock on hand or work completely online. The opportunities with MY LaLa truly are limitless!


Click here to shop at My Lala Leggings

Click here to join My Lala Leggings as an affiliate


  1. This affiliate opportunity is available in US ONLY
  2. Must sign up with Gmail or Yahoo email account
  3. Please enter: Candicesharp as referring affiliate



Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. However, I only recommend products and services I trust.

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